We hope you find something on this site that proves useful to your own family history quest. We've been researching family genealogy since the late 1990's. My lineage (through my great grandparents) includes the surnames Waddell, Black, Johnson, Smart, Jakes, Foster, Speed and Anderson. My wife's lineage (through her great grandparents) includes the surnames Wilson, Owen, Hilton, Jones, Pender, Johnson, Hansard and O'Kelley. Nearly 100 additional ancestral families are contained herein. We continue to uncover new information and regularly update our pages, so check back periodically. We strive for accuracy and have tried to document all of our sources so please notify us if you discover any errors or omissions. We would love to add any photographs or documents that you have relating to the people contained herein. Please note that information concerning living individuals is withheld from public view unless you obtain a username and password.

Most Wanted

Please contact us if you have information on the following individuals, their parents or siblings: Thomas Smart born in the early 1800's near County Down, Ireland; Henry Jakes born 04 Jan 1800 in Maryland; Nancy Cheezum born after 03 Sep 1776 in Caroline Co., Maryland; George McClary born circa 1800 in New Jersey or John Johnson born circa 1814 in Pidley, Huntingdonshire, England.

Visitor Feedback

The information on this site has been so amazing. Thank you for all the work you have done on it. My Mom did not know anything about this side of her family. This has opened up a wealth of information just by searching the little information that we knew on the Speed family. Thank you again it has been really fascinating.

I found your website while looking for information about my grandfather, Keelin Wilson. Through my research, I was able to connect with my Wilson family whom I had not seen for over sixty years. My husband and I are now interested in trying to go back even farther in my family tree. Thank you for the wealth of information.

Waddell or Woodall?

While researching my surname line, I've come across many items that leave me wondering; are we descendants of Waddells (Scotish ancestry) or Woodalls (English ancestry)? My findings that bring this into question are the following: My 5th great grandfather, Robert Waddell, is listed as Robert Woodall in his first marriage to Mary (Sarah) Hill on 6 Feb 1722 and is listed as Robert Wadle in his second marriage to Julianna James on 26 Aug 1736. Both marriages took place in Talbot County. In the Dorchester County probate records, Robert's surname is listed as Waddell with a next of kin listed as Abraham Waddell. I cannot find an Abraham Waddell in the Maryland Archives, but there is an Abraham Woodall listed multiple times in Dorchester County. Robert had a daughter Anna Lanney (based on his will dated 28 May 1753) and there is an Annlane Woodall that married Matthew Silver on 30 Nov 1721 in Talbot County. I discovered that there was a Thomas Woodall that remained in Talbot County following the death of his father Roger Weddill. I also came across a Thomas Wadle listed in Dorchester County during the same period. Could these be the same person and the father of Robert?


Those who do not treasure up the memory of their ancestors, do not deserve to be remembered by posterity.

People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.

Edmund Burke

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